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India’s Leading Wedding band in Delhi Faridabad Gurgaon

Founded in 1970 by Late Hazi Rafiq Ahmed

Faridabadkamashoor Band, founded in 1970 by Late Hazi Rafiq Ahmed, is a pioneer and trusted name in wedding celebrations. Located on Talab Road, Band Market, Old Faridabad, we are professionals in the art of music, specializing in making weddings unforgettable. Our unique blend of style and passion captures the audience’s attention, and our music adapts to the wedding’s mood and theme. We offer a range of services, including harmonious music, beautifully decorated Ghori, Baggi & Palki, stunning lighting, and dazzling fireworks. We take pride in creating memorable wedding experiences.

Ultimate Wedding Band With Faridabadkamashoor Band


Dancing to the Rhythms of Joy: Wedding Dhol Beats that Ignite the Celebration!


Family Dance: Celebrating Love and Unity on the Wedding Day!


Punjabi Dhol: The Heartbeat of Celebration!

Awarded India’s Best Baraat Planner


Joining hearts and hands, families celebrate love on the dance floor at a wedding like never before.

Wedding celebrations unite families in joyous harmony on the dance floor. With every beat, hearts sync, creating cherished memories that last a lifetime.

Our Services

Bagpiper Band

Great music like Bagpiper does not have to be expensive but it adds elegance to the wedding

Doli palki

There are people from different cultural societies living around us and one thing that unites people.

Flower Umbrella

We offer Flower Umbrella as it raises the wedding fun and excitement to a whole other level.


We plan each detail of their wedding celebration, from the perfect lighting in the most creative.

Punjabi Dhol

Punjabi Dhol Wala makes wedding events exciting and more unforgettable but also makes weddings and events royal

Russian Artist

No matter who you are and what so ever culture you belong to. Bharat Band is one destination for you offering Russian Artist Group.


Shehnai performance not only entertain us in a very special way but they also leave a permanent mark on our soul and mind.


Fireworks bring out the deepest of our feelings and make us dance away our sorrows, and motivates us to embrace happiness.

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What my clients say

"Faridabadkamashoor, Bharat Band made my wedding truly magical with their mesmerizing music. The Ghori and Palki were beautifully decorated. Thank you for the unforgettable night!"
Rajesh Kumar
"Faridabadkamashoor Wedding Band exceeded our expectations. The Baggi and lighting transformed our wedding. It was a night to remember, all thanks to their outstanding performance!"
Anil Patel
"We chose Faridabadkamashoor, Bharat Band for our wedding, and it was a brilliant decision. The music set the perfect mood, and the fireworks were the highlight. Highly recommended!"
Priya Sharma

“Joining hearts and hands, families celebrate love on the dance floor at a wedding like never before.”

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Why choose us?

Vintage Car Adds Timeless Charm to Your Wedding Celebration

Arrive in style and add a touch of vintage elegance to your wedding day with our classic cars. Make memories that stand the test of time.

Our Majestic White Ghori Steals the Spotlight in Baraat Celebrations

Our majestic white Ghori is more than just a mode of transport; it’s a symbol of grandeur and tradition. Elevate your Baraat with this regal beauty, creating a memorable entrance that steals the spotlight. Let the magic begin!

Exquisite Flower Chariot for Unforgettable Wedding Moments

Picture-perfect moments deserve an exquisite touch. Our flower chariot adds a dash of romance and elegance to your wedding day. Create unforgettable memories as you ride in style and make every moment extraordinary.

Captivating Lighting to Illuminate Your Joyous Procession

Captivating lighting transforms your procession into a mesmerizing spectacle. Let the glow of a thousand stars illuminate your joyous journey, creating a magical ambiance that sets the stage for unforgettable memories.

Stylish Attire for Dazzling Band Members

Our band members don stylish attire, matching the dazzle of your celebration. Their music and looks combine to elevate your event into an unforgettable spectacle.

Rev up the Celebration: Ignite Your Baraat with the Dynamic Dhol Maestro!

Rev up the celebration with the dynamic Dhol Maestro! Feel the beats of tradition and energy fuse as the Dhol Maestro ignites your Baraat procession. Get ready for an exhilarating start to your joyful journey!

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